Hanging Out My Shingle

Hanging Out My Shingle

I can train people in all forms of computer use on phone, tablet, laptop and PC (Mac and Windows). I can do this physically here in Tullamore utilising the Tullamore Men’s Shed ( http://TullamoreMensShed.com ) by appointment and I am offering my services to Age Action in Dublin where I could go once a week. I can also teach more advanced topics such as setting up a domain, website and blogging. I can also do this online so to set up a mutual time call 089 429 7539 or email me.

So it will be great if you can use me. I am a great digital resource and am here to help. Digital Literacy is a desirable trait in this digital world. And personally I find it a stimulating and creative milieu. And (he screams) it is neither difficult nor expensive.  All you need is a bit of time. Here’s a video to help you keep in touch.

This site is a year old and we have 581 subscribers! Is anybody listening I wonder. I’m collecting papers for my http://LoveWhatYouDo.net and http://TreadSoftly.org  so please contact me with what turns you on and why. A paragraph will do or I can accept MSWord documents, actually any type of text format. I think this can be something we can capitalise on for our digital footprint. For Older Citizens. It will be fun.

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