is passé get a decent one here.

On my server I can set up emails. If you want an email address I will happily give it to you free. You have to be an older citizen to qualify.

You check your mail at enter your email address and password which I will send you. Do Not use this email for confidential transactions like banking etc. I don’t. Look at it as cosmetic and fun. You can use it to subscribe to things like newsletters but be careful of spam. Of course when you are telling friends your email address “ ” well people don’t need to write it down. Pretty cool huh!

The webmail gives you three choices for mailbox style I find Horde the best. You will get used to it I’m sure. So far only is gone so dear get your first name here.  In the form below give me three choices.

Forwarding: There is the facility to forward a copy of all emails sent to say to so you only have to use the webmail to send mail to people. It’s no big deal to have two email address.

Can I be trusted? Well, I signed the UK Official Secrets Act as a probation officer and as a counselor hold true to confidentiality. Your email address will never be given out by me unless to a bona fide person. No One has access to your mailbox except you and me as admin. I don’t read other peoples mail.

Using your email address for nefarious purposes may result in suspension. You will be warned first. Reasonable stuff. You will be asked to read a disclaimer.





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