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Sometimes it’s not what you know…

I’m involved with Tullamore Men’s Shed. And we have just been interviewed by Midlands 103 FM our local radio station, to be aired next Monday at 7pm.

The reporter Anne Marie Kelly, Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Midlands103/ I think I might have interested her in a blog! We will see.

Website: https://www.midlands103.com/

Here’s stuff about the shed that i took from the blog see http://TullamoreMensShed.com (a site I am working on) which sprang from http://TullamoreMensShed.Wordpress.com

Tullamore Men’s Shed

49 Church Street,  Tullamore, Co Offaly, Ireland

Welcome to Irish Men’s Sheds! A Shed is a space in your community where men can come together to find meaning, purpose, friendship and belonging. Here you can learn more about Men’s Sheds and learn how to start or join a Shed in your local community.

John Evoy, CEO, Irish Men’s Sheds Association

The Idea

A Men’s Shed is a dedicated, friendly and welcoming meeting place where men can come together. It’s a place where men can share their skills and knowledge with others, learn new skills or redevelop old skills. Good health is based on many factors including feeling good about yourself, being productive and valuable to your community, connecting to friends and maintaining an active body and an active mind. Becoming a member of a Men’s Shed provides a safe and busy environment where you can find many of these things. Also, importantly, there’s no pressure. Men can just come and have a chat and a cuppa if that’s all they’re looking for.



Age Action

More than 27,000 Irish people have benefited from Age Action’s Getting Started Computer Training program, which provides training in computers, smartphones and the Internet for people over the age of 55 all over Ireland.


I am trying to start a group here in the MidlandsWatch This Space